hand made salves

tierra natural skin care has two types of salves. healing and relaxing. our salves are hand made with organic herbs, infused in organic oils for a minimum of six weeks to extract the medicinal properties.

healing salve is a soothing, healing blend of herbs to relieve dry chapped skin, surface burns, bites and stings, scars, sunburn, rashes... any type of skin irritation. healing salve encourages the healing of wounds by promoting cell growth and repair. it soothes and relieves.

relaxing salve is a calming, relieving blend of herbs formulated to soothe sore aching muscles, muscle strain, back aches and stiffness, and bruising. relaxing salve penetrates through the skin to help relieve swelling and pain from overexertion, injuries or physical trauma.

look at our website for a complete description of each product and list of ingredients.

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